Classifying Plants

In Biology 101, 
Wes takes us through the steps 
of how to classify plants.

 The plant kingdom has two main groups: 
vascular and nonvascular.

 Vascular plants are in a division called Tracheophyta.

Tracheophyta comes from the same word we get trachea because they both refer to hollow tubes to move air and/or water around.

Vascular means "a slender tube or vessel." 
It's related to the word vase.

Nonvascular plants absorb water through their surfaces.

Vascular Plants

Nonvascular Plants

Can anyone identify any of these plants?!
Leave us a comment with your answers!


Anonymous said...

If you hover your mouse pointer over the images, it tells you what each picture is of: daisy, fern, liverwort, and moss. Love the curriculum, though!

Tammy Olson said...

LOL! It sure does! Thank you! We will have to be more clever next time.