Jan 13, 2017

Wes is currently researching and writing the 
30 minute segment on Astronomy 
for General Science 101!

He is racing as fast as he can to research 
and write around 15 segments 
of natural, social, applied and formal science. 
This is the 5th segment. 
Then it all has to be written into a screenplay, 
 filmed, edited, music written, graphics done 
and bingo ready to pre-sell when it's at the printers. 
Quite a while away but it's coming!


Maggie ♥ said...

I'm currently taking Chemistry 101 for my 11th grade science, and will be taking Physics 101 in 12th grade. The only reason I like science is because of these curriculums! I'm excited that Wes is making a new series; I'll definitely get it once it's out, even though it'd be to watch for pleasure, not for school. :)

Tammy Olson said...

We are so glad you are liking science Maggie, and hope you are blessed as you learn all you can about God's amazing creation. Thank you for watching our films!

Heather Hennell said...

We have heard great things about your curriculum. I just finished previewing the first lesson of Chemistry for my daughter next year. Excellent content!! Then, I saw that there is a General Science in the making! I am also planning for my son next year, who will be in 7th grade. Do you have any idea when the General Science will be available?

Tammy Olson said...

Hello Heather!
We are planning on a Fall 2018 release for General Science 101.
If you pm me your email address, I can place it on our notification list and you will be notified when we are getting ready to go to print. Last time when we released Physics 101 we notified all our followers about a month before it was in our hands and they could pre-order it.
Thank you for your interest in The 101 Series!

Norm said...

Our family has enjoyed all three of your 101 science productions and look forward to the General Science 101 as well. I can't imagine how much work and effort goes into each one. They are so well done and Wes has such a great subtle sense of humor.

Tammy Olson said...

Thank you Norm! So glad you have enjoyed the 101 series!