Nov 19, 2015

Wes and his third grandson,
Rory Malachi Olson!
Isn't that baby adorable?!

Nov 5, 2015


The Greek word taxis from which we get taxonomy, 
has no relationship to the Latin word we use for a hired cab, taxi. 
The word taxi is a shortened word for taxicab 
which itself is a shortened form of the word taximeter cab 
which itself is short for taximeter cabriolet. 
A cabriolet was a two-wheeled, horse drawn carriage 
with a hood that came over to protect the passengers. 
The taximeter part was introduced around 1900 as a mechanical device 
to measure the amount owed to the driver of the cabriolet. 
It was a metered tax on the cab...a taximeter cab...a taxicab...a taxi.