Jul 23, 2015

facebook page up again!

Good news! We have our original facebook page back up!

They said the page was unpublished in error.

Thank you to all who helped get it back up and running.

Especially Sam! Thank you!

You can "like" us on Facebook!

And for all of you that pre-ordered...the shipment of Physics DVDs

have arrived sooner than we expected! Woot!

These will be processed and shipped by the end of next week.

Still 10% off until the end of July!


Vanessa S said...

Oops not quite! I'm getting an error message :(

Tammy Olson said...

Vanessa, try it again and it should work fine now.
otherwise you can go to facebook itself and type in the search bar
the101series and it should come up for you. Thank you for your interest in The 101 Series!