Jan 7, 2013

January 2013 update

Easily the most difficult part of producing an educational film is the pre-production phase.  That's where you actually write the script.

I have been nearly 2 months in the electromagnetic segment alone-no writing mind you, only studying what we know and what we don't know!  (We definitely understand the effects of what we call electricity, and we know how to harness and direct some of the power.  But what it fundamentally is, we are clueless.)

We are pressing to get Physics 101 out this year - however when the research takes long, it pushes the release date back.

We have written the segments on the introduction, on light, sound and heat and are very excited about what these parts of the script teach!  We really look forward to getting the film into your hands and the hands of your families - thank you for all your encouraging emails and posts!

Peace with Joy,