Sep 12, 2011


6,000 hours (not counting the rest of the production crew) and 3.5 years and you get...Chemistry 101!

The film is out of the bag and into home DVD players! Check out the entire 35 minute segment #1! Go to...

Are we excited? oh yes.

Sep 3, 2011

Almost there

We have just spent a week working almost 20 hours a day ( I am not making this up) to get the masters to the press. So many families are starting school and want to get chemistry going.

Then...just hours away... the rendering computer decided shall I say disobedient. Refusing to render, rendering bad files, corrupting information.

Elizabeth Elliott says, "With acceptance comes joy." God is way more concerned with how I deal with my daily struggles than he is with my getting Chemistry 101 out. He wants the project...but He wants my joy and thanksgiving more than the project.

Pressing on! Hopefully it will be out this week!