Oct 9, 2009

Chemistry 101

"The Challenge: Make an overview of chemistry that is visually rich, captivating and honoring to the Creator. The Result: Chemistry 101."

I realize I haven't posted in several months. I have been so focused on getting the script done for the new film. After nearly 15 months of working on this, I finally finished the script of Chemistry 101-the second in the 101 Series. Chemistry is a challenging subject and the film contains a lot of interesting stories of amazing people on the path to discovering the Periodic Table of the Elements. This is going to be a very fun film to edit and watch!

How Does It Work?

  • Preproduction

First you get your idea. In this case-Chemistry 101!

write write write write. Research research. write write write write write.

Develop your script into a screenplay. A screenplay is your story rewritten so it can be filmed and made into a movie. I also make my shooting script at the same time so I can actually film it.

Make a story board of the screenplay. This is essentially comic book of your movie so you can previsualize how the film will work.

Make a schedule that says exactly where you will be on what day and exactly what scene you will be shooting.

  • Production

"lights, camera, action!"

  • Post-production

Edit all your material, select the shots, graphics, pacing, music...all the stuff that makes the film a film!

proof proof proof. Publish.

Write the Guidebook and Accreditation booklet. Publish.

Get a cup of tea and relax.

Get a coffee mocha and start Physics 101!