May 8, 2008

Missing God’s Glory

I have been on a joy ride for the past 5 months. God has been after me and working with me to produce a constant joy in my life. Taking a vow of joy as opposed to being Mr. Grumpy. Joy in spite of the trials that life always is throwing at me. Now that I’m just starting to get pretty good at this joy thing, God has thrown me another curve.

His glory.

I don’t get this “glory” thing. Christians always talk about “do it all for the glory of God!” I never, ever, ever say this...ever. Because I don’t get it. But God wants me to get it. So…we are just starting to go through John
Piper’s “The Blazing Center video series.
Piper gets it and I bet by the time we’re done, I’m going to understand this too.

And I can’t wait.

Because I just know that this is going to deepen my relationship with God. Just like my quest for joy.

P.S. The supremacy of love. This is another lesson I’ve yet to firmly grasp. But it’s coming…I’m sure of it.