Jul 28, 2018

Come follow us on social media!

The 101 Series blog 
is on hold until further notice.
We will no longer be posting here.

Please follow us on 
our social media sites!


Dec 29, 2017

Around the World

We are starting to follow where 
our DVDs are going around the world!  
It is such a delight to know that the wonder of God's creation is being taught near and far~
from the lower edge of Australia to Germany and on to Peru! 
Plus all the states across America! 
Our customers love to have us 
 pin their city on the map!
This may help us decide where to attend 
homeschool conferences in the future. 
Would it be where there is a lack of the101series 
and we need to spread the word? 
or should it be to meet all of our 
happy homeschool moms and their students?


Dec 14, 2017

Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards!

We're excited! 
Biology 101, Chemistry 101 and Physics 101 
have been nominated for the 
Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards! 
If you'd like to cast your votes 
for the best homeschooling products
 - hopefully including ours - go here." 
Please vote for the Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards!
The most prestigious homeschooling award.
Nominated by homeschoolers, voted on by homeschoolers.
One lucky voter will receive a free Timberdoodle curriculum kit valued at up to $1,250! 
 The winner chooses the desired grade level (from Tiny Tots to grade 12)
Voting closes on December 25.

Dec 11, 2017

New Maps!

Two packages arrived for the shipping department!
Colorful push pins in these maps...
 will display where our DVDs are being watched...
in the United States and in the world!

Jul 24, 2017

Ignite a fire for learning!

We loved Biology 101! 
Now my son wants to do physics.
God bless you for making this curriculum. 
We struggled for years with science. 
Finally found this and 
it has ignited a fire for learning in my son. 
Thank you....beyond words!!!