Jun 15, 2015

Wow! We sold out the first 100 pre-sale copies in the first couple hours! But there is good news! We are going to offer a pre-sale special at 25% off until midnight June 30th! Thank you for your interest in Physics 101!


Physics 101 Pre-Release Sale!

We are offering a 40% pre-release discount
for the first 100 customers!
This offer ends midnight on June 30. Physics 101 normally retails for $69.95 but for the first 100 it’s only $41.97 plus shipping.

Please note that we are very busy in the next 6 weeks finalizing Physics 101. So our ability to answer questions will be very limited. All orders must go through our website (no phone orders). Your copy of the new film will ship by the second week of August!

Thank you for all your enthusiasm for our new film!

Jun 7, 2015

A Few More Steps

Wes is now working on Segment 19 of 20 of the Guidebook. 
A few more steps of preparation. 
Hoping to have the master sent to the DVD press by the end of June. 
Meanwhile another grandson was born!
Rory Malachi Olson

May 28, 2015

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Last week Wes finished editing the last segment of Physics 101! 
Now he is writing the Guidebook and Accreditation Booklet. 
He is working on segment 12 of 20 today, at an average of two a day.
The people that are vetting the project have one more segment to proof. 
 Lucas has four more segments to put music on. 
Micah is working on the cover design and DVD art. 

There is light at the end of the tunnel and we are very excited!

Apr 16, 2015

  Editing Segment 20 of 22 
 *Quantum Mechanics*